Ieva Lanka

Zumba Instructor

Being in motion is very important to me. Having been involved in athletics for more than 12 years, I have learned that sports and physical activities should create joy and positive emotions in people. Physical activity should be an integral part of the day, during which we give ourselves the opportunity to “clear” the mind and gain new energy, while improving not only our physical but also our mental health.

In Zumba classes led by me, we will dance together to different rhythms of music, forgetting about everyday worries and moving the whole body. It’s time to unleash your inner energy and femininity!

Latvian Academy of Sports Pedagogy, Bachelor in Sports Science - "Senior athletics coach and manager in the field of sports", University of Latvia, 1st level professional higher education in the qualification "Teacher", certified Zumba trainer.
Nothing happens until something moves.

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